Web Design Services, World Website Service (WWS) ® Nijmegen, Netherlands

What can a good web design mean for you?

The internet is full of websites that have spent little or no attention to their design. Research has shown that you only have a matter of seconds to engage and impress your site visitors or they will look elsewhere. A slick, eye catching, fast loading design can make all the difference to today’s highly demanding web users.

WWS makes a difference.

Our web design team has extensive design experience in many industries as diverse as structural providers to car dealers. No matter what industry or design style, our talented team is committed to develop innovative and unique design solutions suited to every business.

We also go way beyond standard “static” websites. We can custom build database driven online applications to streamline your company’s operations, integrate with your existing software or other websites, add animation and interactivity, develop interactive tours, a photo gallery and much more!

With World Website Service (WWS) designing you are at the right place for: 

  • Non customized websites (from € 125) 5 pages
  • Small static website (from € 220) 7 pages
  • Business Website (from € 380) 15 pages
  • Corporate Website (from € 500) start with 25 pages customized
  • E-commerce Website (on request)
  • And much more!

For more information, our pricelist per mail or a free quotation please visit: Contact Us or phone us +31 (0) 654 291 690.