As a native Dutch Search engine optimization company we helped our client’s business and industry, focused on strategy and driven by results since 2006. With expertise in both contextual, international marketing and native Dutch, our seo experts can make sure marketing campaign is a success in Netherlands and Internationally.

Dutch internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO service includes:

  • On-page optimization for target keywords
  • Local link building
  • Citation building
  • Local social media promotion
  • Content creation and marketing

The most effective way to make your site found better on a natural/organic way and to get a high ranking within the biggest search engines, is by professional Search Engine Optimization. By keyword research, to determine what search terms and phrases are most likely to be used by prospective customers and deep competition research, this process will be started with a customized strategy closely fitting to your market and product (or service). For a safe way and natural building, WWS always follows the newest guidelines of Google and we maintain a close and direct contact with other SEO specialists within our worldwide network.

It is very difficult to provide package prices for SEO. A lot of companies offer an SEO package, but you will never know if this will be effective enough or just a waste of money. WWS primarily judge the websites and takes care for a complete report of your website. We base our prices on TOP 10 positions in Google and the amount of work we expect to invest to achieve this result. Everything is INCLUSIVE the guarantee of first page result. The prices differ per keyword and depending on the amount of competition, difficulty and current state of your website. On average, to achieve a top 10 result will cost between the €50 and €350 per keyword (depending on the factors as named above). We accept SEO orders from €200 (can be a couple of keywords we will work on). A detailed and complete report of the SEO-state of your website can be provided. This is free in combination with an order, without any order, we have to invoice €150.

Next to the current visibility and expanded competition research, the report will give detailed information about the following factors:

1.       Report overview                          

2.       Keyword use in document title  

3.       Global link popularity of web site

4.       Link texts of inbound links

5.       Keyword use in body text

6.       Age of web site

7.       Keyword use in H1 headline texts

8.       Keyword use in domain name

9.       Exact Match Domain (Google EMD) compliance

10.   Keyword use in page URL

11.   Server speed

12.   Keyword use in H2-H6 headline texts

13.   Keyword use in IMG ALT attributes

14.   Keyword stuffing rules and compliance

15.   Top level domain of web site

16.   Keyword use in bold body text

17.   Number of unique visitors to the site

18.   Keyword use in same site link texts

19.   Keyword use in outbound link texts

20.   Keyword use in same site link URLs

21.   Keyword use in outbound link URLs

22.   Cross domain back link analysis

23.   Social Network and Bookmark analysis

24.   Article & Press releases analysis

25.   HTML validation of web page to W3C standards

26.   Readability level of web page

27.   Keyword use in meta description

28.   Keyword use in meta keywords

29.   Keyword use in the first sentence of the body text

30.   Keyword use in HTML comments

31.   Search engine compatibility

32.   Google snippet view

33.   Factors that could prevent your top ranking

34.   Bounce Rate

35.   Table: Number of keywords

36.   Table: Keyword density

37.   Table: Keyword position

38.   Table: Number of words

39.   Table: Number of characters

40.   Table: Ranking factors digest

How we work:

We research the website and requested/needed keywords. Also we can start a research to achieve the best keywords to gain as much prospective customers as possible. After this research we offer you a quotation together with an estimated time frame (based on results from the past, this can differ). Our quotation is based on top 10 results in Google. After 50% prepayment, we will develop a project strategy and start your project. We will not stop until your website enters the top 10 of Google with the agreed keyword(s). We only invoice the other 50% after achieving the top 10 positions as agreed.

From the moment your website is found with the agreed keywords in the first page of Google, you can chose for a monthly maintenance. You only pay for the keywords which are more than 90% of that month in the top 10 of Google. Again, the prices depend on the difficulty, competition and amount of work needed to maintain position.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, our pricelist or a free quotation.
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