Is your name or your company’s name damaged online?

Online reputation damage:

If you or your company has negative listings on Google page one, your reputation is being damaged. Contact us now for a free evaluation of your online reputation. We are here to help you to recover your good name / make sure negative comments are more difficult to be found. People who search your name or your company’s name via Google, will not only find your brand or company but can possibly also find negative comments and news via blogs, forums and other media. This can bring serious damage to your reputation and/or scare away prospective clients.  

Independent research shown, 79% of the Google visitors are looking for reviews (comments) on search engines like Google. Up to 75% of the visitors change their mind about an online purchase after reading a minimum of three bad comments. Maybe you think people are typing the URL of your website to enter it? Mostly not, 82% of the users are entering your website via a search by Google or another search engine. It doesn’t really matter if your product is promoted off line or online, most prospective customers are searching on the net to know more about your company, your product,  your services or you. Over 58% of the decisions made before the purchase of products starts at search engines (source: Office of National Statistics – ONS).  If you or your company has negative references on the first page of Google, your reputation is seriously damaged and can result into more than 30% loss of visitors compared to a healthy online reputation. When people have read a couple of positive comments, it is more likely they will go to your website.

How we can help you:

Mostly it is not possible to delete a negative review or comment on the internet because it is posted on the website of other organizations. Therefore we can make sure the negative comments get out of sight and your first page results will be positive or neutral. WWS will work on increment of ranking of your online assets (social media, profiles, etc.) in order to get the negative websites/reviews out of sight. In case you have no other websites or accounts we can create these for you. Of course you can be assured of the highest discretion.

You can contact us for a free evaluation of your online reputation. Click Contact or call: +31 (0) 654 291 690